“Marash” Black Leather Waist Bag


Black leather waist bag design by Lili Adam.

Give a splash of color to your outfit!

A high quality waist bag, made of black suede leather. It has two spacious pockets, one spacious at the front and one hidden at the back. The pockets are lined and zippered.

You can wear it like a waist bag or a normal shoulder bag, due to the adjustable chain.

Be original with your unique handmade product, fresh from our workshop!

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Black leather waist bag design by Lili Adam.

This accessory fits any woman’s outfit. You can wear it like a purse or an ordinary waist bag. It’s perfectly adjustable by the metal chain. Suede gives it a special elegance. And the embroidery, carefully made, is what makes it unique. The black “marash” suede waist bag is inspired by a form of embroidery popular among the Armenians of Marash, a city in Cilician Armenia near the Mediterranean Sea. The two spacious zip pockets provide the necessary space for the items you need. You have the main one up on the bag, and a secondary smaller one hidden on the back.

This black embroidered leather waist bag will always add a splash of color to your style. We chose for this waist bag collection of natural colors, found in nature. Pure black, a representation of the night, is the color that makes your day full of mystery. The untouched shade of black also has a mental impact on your mood. Black is a color that gives you the feeling of protection, power, sophistication. At the same time, black is associated with elegance and mystery.

Because quality comes first in our company, our waist bag is durable. With a little care, you will enjoy it for a very long time. Our products are hand made by the finest craftsmen. Everything we sell is designed by Lili Adam.

Produced in Romania.

Weight 300 g
Dimensions 30 × 17 cm



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