Quality leather accessories

“Accessories are the essence of our outfits”

Welcome to the Strix Art world! Do you want to complete your outfits with unique pieces? Or do you simply want to make a gift for your loved one? You are in the right place!

Our workshop has been processing and making a wide range of accessories since 2018. We make high quality leather products such as gloves, handbags, wallets or bracelets. You can also follow the unique collection of handmade jewelry in the technique of crocheting and winding of wire. Everything designed by Lilith Adamyan (Lili Adam).

Strix Art collections are designed for both ladies and men. The quality and uniqueness of our products are the strengths that guide us. This way our products are custom made or are already ready for shipping.


The founder of the StrixArt brand, as well as the designer of all our products, is none other than Lilith Adamyan (Lili Adam). Like any child, Lilith dreamed of becoming a fashion designer. After she dedicated her whole life for this specialization, she achieved her dream through a lot of work and ambition.

  The magic of making accessories is developed in a family business, which did not want to let this job become just a memory. Focused on originality, Lilith manages to develop new styles, combining native oriental accents with classic products.


our vision

We want as many people as possible to hear about our brand. Our purpose is promoting high quality leather accessories in Romania and Worldwide. We are open to new challenges, to unique orders and we want to cooperate with the imagination of our customers for custom orders.


The main thing that differentiates us from the competition is the passion we work with. Each pair of gloves has its own personality. Each color of the waist bags represents a mood. Everything around inspires us to create original products.

Also, we want to cooperate with you and with your sugestions for making the perfect custom product. Don’t be afraid to contact us and tell your brillinat ideas. Our team will be open for a new challange. Your smile makes our day!


Original design and unique products for happy customers.


If you take care of them, they can last a lifetime.


Challenge our team with your custom product ideas.​


Going to a pub or a gala? Our accessories will match your style.